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Our team is created by information security experts,
who want to make this world a little more secure than it is.

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Penetration testing from small to corporate companies



Computer forensics from hardware to network



Staff training offensive way

our experience

our experience

200+ pentests

with 90% successful rate

15+ computer forensics

7 cases were brought to court

3 organizations been established with CS

1 bank was on the verge of encryption

3 developed Appliances

WiFi keys interception, radio grabber, RubberDuck

I-II places at Russian hacking conferences PHDays 2017, 2018, 2019

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our services

our services


Constant pentest with Grey Box methodology

• Imitation of tactics of real APT groups
• Continuous assessment of infrastructure's protection
• Supporting IT department with information security updates
• Employees' awareness of information security
• Regular reports about CVEs

Penetration Test

• Identifying infrastructure's weak points
• Applying all possible tactics to reach the goal
• Resulting professional report with recommendations for vulnerabilities
• Quick feedback of detected vulnerabilities via reports

HAck Training

Learn the offensive side of security

After passing this course you will be able to conduct security analysis on any modern type of Information System. Gained knowledge will allow you to make hardening suggestions, or sometimes even harden systems by yourself.

CyberHygiene course

Audience: anyone

Description: This course is prepared for any type of company staff, who can be aimed by hacker. Concentrated information, gathered by long-time experience and combined for easy understanding will be provided on course. We will teach how to secure yourself from hackers or intruders and how to not become a victim of fraudlent actions.

Duration: 10 hours

Offensive course

Audience: IT and IS specialists

Description: This course is mainly prepared for system administrators, developers, information security specialists and other IT related staff. Course participants will gain knowledge about hackers tips and tricks by practice lessons with small amount of theory.

Duration: 40 hours

What’s new at spectre

What’s new at spectre

Penetration testing

Penetration testing

Black box
“We know nothing about the system”
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grey box
“We know only specifics of the system”
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white box
“We know everything about the system”
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Our certificates

Our certificates

Our employes own worlds most valuable certificates related to information security field.

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